Thank you for visiting my gallery!

My name is Helena and I have painted since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Apart from painting, I am also passionate about music and teaching, but right now I am deeply lost in the world of physics and astronomy.

I wrote on the intro page to this web gallery that "being an artist is about noticing the beauty in the world around us". Expressing art is all about opening your heart and sharing a bit of your mind. Every painting has a story to tell. They were influenced by memories, people I met, or just by a state of mind. Some of them are painted from photos, for instance Gandalf, Gollum, Sandman and some of the astronomical motif. You might want to ask what's the point of painting something that already exists. I painted some of them as gifts for friends who wanted that special motive on their wall, others were made just to learn new techniques, for instance, how to paint stars and nebulas.

Not all paintings are signed, and the reason is that many of them were not yet dry when I took the photos. For the exhibition "Between Earth and Sky" (held at Aurora in Lund, Sweden, 2004) I produced fifty paintings in three months. As a result, most of them were not even dry as we hung them on the walls the night before the opening.

I hope you enjoy my gallery!

Friends, people and life have taught me the importance of offering your help, showing empathy, giving your undivided attention, giving people your time, practicing honesty and straight communication. It all seems so obvious, but how come we all still need to be reminded of it? So people, please show some good manners!